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jaydee 03 aug '19 #

Project rock headset

goimon 04 aug '19 #

Anyone tried TWS or true wireless headsets? I am using sabbat e-12s. Can you provide feedback of something better? Thank you

taba 04 aug '19 #

ako apple airpods, @taba, though di ata sya kasing ganda if paired with an android device.

jaydee 04 aug '19 #

@taba Sir balita and kamusta naman sabbat e-12s? nacurious ako :)

klausssyyy 07 aug '19 #

Nabasa ko sa comments rebranded Raycon X90 Titan??

ryu_shinobi 07 aug '19 #

@jaydee i have to give it to apple airpods for their superior mic in these category of in ear headsets....

@klausssyyy ok sya but i had an incident, used the smallest rubber then biglang nadetach sya and had to use tweezers to remove rubber inside my ear.. i use smaller ones since i want to be able to hear outside noise kay sa purely plugged and devoid of the outside world.... Ayun katangahan ko muntikan ko na mabasag ear drums mo sa nangyari pero dumugo tenga ko hehehe sensya na tao lang....

taba 23 aug '19 #