Anong keyboard na gamit mo ngayon?

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yeah.. long time.. I left my TX-CP and after a few months grew tired and got bored. I went to SG to visit my wife and passed by xtremesolutions.. found the fc660m bought it and sold the TX-CP.. Happy place now hahaha.

I get the urge every once in a while to join a group buy but thinking about the long wait times I decide to rather not.. so all thanks sa long wait times hahaha

PunkSinatra 19 aug '19 #

Oo. Nakakapagod yung paghihintay and pagaabang ng updates. Then yung kelangan kang mag-ingat not to offend yung gb/designer dahil baka ipitin ka or di mo na makita item mo. Hopefully palabas na rin ako. Parang very interesting rin i-fine tune yung mga off-the-shelf boards. Switch replacement, tuning ng stabs. Caps pwede pa siguro.

jaydee 19 aug '19 #

yeah caps will always be there.. I play caps nalang from time to time pag nagsawa benta then palit ng bagong caps.

PunkSinatra 19 aug '19 #

Ducky Shine 7 with Pudding Keycaps. Will buy milk pudding keycaps tapos half-half ko ung kulay.

ZeroViscosity 19 aug '19 #

Spending the day with my No2. Norbaforce in the back is my number 1 😁

jaydee 22 aug '19 #

pang malakasan talaga si boss jaydee

PunkSinatra 22 aug '19 #

pang malakasan talaga si boss jaydee

Kunyari ka lang na nag-quit. alam mo pa rin keycult e 😁

jaydee 22 aug '19 #

Myk 24 aug '19 #

@Myk ayos yan a. Maganda yung kit, bagay sa Jamon!

jaydee 25 aug '19 #

my new keyboard razerhuntsman elite rgb is life ♥️

doorbell43 25 aug '19 #

my new keyboard razerhuntsman elite rgb is life ♥️

Ayos a, mainit pa 😁 Last na nagamit ko na razer was yung blackwidow na tkl, nagustuhan ko porma. Nag-iba na raw ng switches ba razer? Dati Cherry di ba?

jaydee 26 aug '19 #

oo bro iba na switches hehe

doorbell43 26 aug '19 #

mail day ⌨️

doorbell43 28 aug '19 #

mail day ⌨️

haha nice! ready na ba lubed switches mo and stabs para dyan? cf plate or alu?

jaydee 29 aug '19 #

@jaydee both ksma cf and alu and 2pcb's hehe

doorbell43 30 aug '19 #

My 2 yr old Ajazz AK33 RGB blue switches

with cheapo PBT Double shot Translucidus white caps

Dale1220 31 aug '19 #

Hello po! :)

Phenomenal 31 aug '19 #

lam-ang pro

gateron clears lubed 60g

gmk olivetti keycaps

wave mousepad

doorbell43 06 sep '19 #

  1. space65👨‍🚀🚀🌑

doorbell43 08 sep '19 #

Myk 18 sep '19 #

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