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jaydee 03 aug '19 #

kbd75v2 with maxkey SA calm depths

doorbell43 05 aug '19 #

was planning on desoldering the switches of my ducky one 2 mini in the near future

what soldering tools/soldering station can you guys suggest?

ppineda1 06 aug '19 #

generic with temperature dial also had temp control up to 450 deg Celsius

doorbell43 06 aug '19 #

Yung una kong soldering iron sa first build ko yung 30w na mura lang haha. yung sucker mura rin. unless gusto mo rin desoldering gun.

jaydee 06 aug '19 #

Baka po may interested i'm selling my razer huntsman elite with big discount po

popolipo 07 aug '19 #

wow huntsman 😮

doorbell43 08 aug '19 #

@doorbell43 huntsman elite po with big big discount :)

popolipo 09 aug '19 #

any affordable (aka cheap) mech keyboard ps/2?

kidlat020 06 oct '19 #